World Prayer Today

From Togo: “God alone is worthy of my worship and praise.”

September 28, 2021

I gave my life to Christ, but I had many doubts and worries; therefore, I did not stop the worship of my ancestors.”

That’s what we hear from Jeremie, a listener of THRU the BIBLE’s African French program, as we pray our way through the country of Togo. Here’s his great story:

“But I thank the Lord who granted me the favor of listening to your Bible teaching. I learned many things and found peace in the knowledge I received. I decided to trust the Lord completely for the salvation of my soul. I have given up all my old practices and rely on Him completely for the daily outcome of my life. Thank you for your programs that have answered my questions and taught me that God alone is worthy of my worship and praise.”

As we thank God for the power of His Word in our lives, ask Him to help us discern truth, break down evil strongholds, and set us free from our sinful ways.

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