World Prayer Today

Getting rid of rituals and getting to know Jesus

October 01, 2021

If your idea of the perfect vacation includes sun, salt water, and sand, then look no further than Cabo Verde in West Africa. As we explore the islands and get to know our gracious local hosts, we’re introduced to a fellow listener who tells us how THRU the BIBLE has changed his life. 

“My family attends a church that is filled with rituals. Then at home they are slaves to their superstitions. Growing up I despised these practices … all of them. Then three years ago a friend introduced me to your program and I began to listen. Even though I had been to church, I knew nothing. It was confusing, but it was also interesting. I think the Holy Spirit kept drawing me back.

“I am now a Christian and beginning to understand and love the Word of God. I have a lot of questions, but you are answering them slowly as we go from book to book. Thank you for introducing me to Jesus and helping me understand He isn’t a religion, but a person I can know.” 

Pray today, keeping in mind more than 90% of Cabo Verdeans are Catholic and many of them mix their faith with the dark practice of African fetishes. Like this listener, pray more hear THRU the BIBLE in African Portuguese and come to know the real Jesus. The one who is written about in the Bible and the one who wants a relationship with each of them. 

Our worldwide prayer trek continues on Monday in the Dominican Republic. Pack your bags and meet us there.

Listen here to TTB-African Portuguese.