World Prayer Today

“I will never read the Bible the same way again”

October 04, 2021

“Each page of the Bible now seems to have significance.”

That’s what we hear from Luciana, a listener of THRU the BIBLE in the Dominican Republic. She continues.

“My 85-year-old mother and I listen every morning on the YouVersion app. Each study teaches us something new. The gates in Nehemiah, the symbolism in Revelation, there is so much meaning I never understood. I will never read the Bible the same way again. Thank you for these studies which the Holy Spirit has used to bring us closer to the Father.”

How is God using these studies in your life? We’d love to hear when you write us at [email protected]. And pray today that the Holy Spirit opens the hearts of all those who study with us. As we learn about the priests’ garments in Exodus 28, may we see Jesus more clearly than ever before.

Meet us tomorrow in Nassau as we pray our way through the Bahamas.

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