World Prayer Today

What does holiness look like in our lives?

October 07, 2021

What does holiness look like in our lives? That’s what Dr. J. Vernon McGee tells us Leviticus is all about. That’s also what we hear from a listener named Jerold in Panama today. He says:

I love delving into the Word and understanding that the book of Leviticus is not a mere section of rituals and that it has a meaning for us today. Each study has strongly confronted me that I need to live a blameless life before the Lord. I praise Him for these lessons that the Holy Spirit is using in my life, and I thank you for teaching us the truth without distortions.”

Today let’s praise God that when we read the Bible, we’re not alone. The Holy Spirit abides in us, ready to stir our hearts, illuminate our minds, and direct our lives. And together, let’s pray more people in Panama and Central America hop aboard the Bible with us. With each study, may we all grow in our understanding of what it means to live a life that pleases Him.

After hearing from Jerold, are you interested in studying Leviticus with Dr. McGee? The Bible Bus is headed there in November, but you can get a jump start anytime on our new app. Find it in your favorite app store or get more details at

Pint-sized and packed with adventure … we’re praying our way through Belize tomorrow. Join us!

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