World Prayer Today

Praising God for Psalm 119:130

October 21, 2021

The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. -Psalm 119:130

Welcome to St. Thomas! As we take in the breathtaking ocean views, we stop and pray for open hearts as THRU the BIBLE teaches God’s Word in both English and Spanish.

In fact, let’s pray now:

Father, thank You for the opportunity for Your Word to be heard in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Give all those who are listening eyes to see Your truth, hearts open and willing to know You, and minds that understand all they hear.

We thank You for the promise found in Psalm 119:130 and ask You to bring light and understanding, especially to those hearing Your name for the first time. Our greatest desire is that You show Your character, Your love, and Your grace to all. May many people walk Your path to salvation.

Let the Holy Spirit guide each of us and reveal Your truth in ways that are simple, plain, and clear. We thank You in confidence, knowing You are helping each of us understand the Bible. Amen.

Our prayer journey through the United States and her territories ends tomorrow as we stop and pray with a listener named Daniel in the big apple. Catch the subway and join us!

Listen here to TTB-Spanish.