World Prayer Today

A unique prayer from Belgium

October 25, 2021

When you join us in praying for God’s whole Word to reach His whole world, how do you pray? A listener in Belgium tells us of his unique prayer.

“I found you by accident as I Googled ‘French radio programs.’ I was quite surprised when your name came up. Out of unexplained curiosity, I began to listen and then listened to another program and then another. It’s been months now, and it has transformed my thinking and my way of life. I now consider myself a Christian and yearn to know more and more about the God of the Bible. As each program ends, I pray more people find your name as it comes up in search engines and begin to listen. I ask God to override man’s electronic expertise and use it in the way He sees fit to bring more people in Belgium to Himself.”

Isn’t that great? Sounds like the Holy Spirit at work. Pray with this listener that God uses technology and “unexplained” curiosity to draw more listeners in Belgium to Himself.

Join us tomorrow as we pray for God’s Word to sweep across the lush countryside of Ireland.

Listen here to TTB-French.