World Prayer Today

The underground church in Somalia is growing

November 09, 2021

Good things are happening through God’s Word in Somalia. Want to hear more? Read these recent social media posts.

Liban says: “We are Christians who are glad to be in touch with you. We meet in secret and fellowship weekly. Recently, one of the elders has been very sick and has been hospitalized for several weeks. Therefore, we are reaching out, asking for prayer.”

And from Axmel: “Greetings, are you one of the believers? People in our area are persecuted because of their faith, but we are still free to believe and follow Christ. So many are misinformed about Jesus—it is understandable, though, because their knowledge about their own faith is confused. Please pray we are confident and calm in the face of those who argue against us.”

Magan shared: “We are part of the underground church. Thru the Bible is our only source of spiritual growth. We are grateful for your prayers and pray the Lord increases your ministry.”

In a country where 99% of the population follows the official religion of the state, Sunni Islam, thank God for these believers and the handful of others who courageously follow Him. Ask Him to protect their secret fellowships and encourage them through His Word. May their hearts be a bright light in an otherwise spiritually dark and dangerous country.

We hear good news in Burundi tomorrow. Come along for the prayer journey.

Listen here to TTB-Somali.