World Prayer Today

Who did Jesus hang out with?

November 18, 2021

Who did Jesus hang out with? God’s Word tells us it wasn’t the most popular, pretty, or prestigious. As the Bible Bus travels through the Gospels, we clearly see He chose tax collectors (who Dr. McGee tells us were likely similar to the modern-day mafia), foreigners, adulterers, the sick, the poor, the mocked, and the socially unacceptable.

Jesus hung out with people like this listener, named Dallandyshe from Greece, who tells us:

“I am from the Roma community. Most of us are without school and without a job. People call us terrible names and accuse us of crimes we haven’t committed. They laugh and judge us because they say we aren’t clean.

“One day a woman passed by and was giving out food. She also gave me a solar radio. I began to listen to your program and was touched when I heard how Jesus was persecuted and mocked by many. I didn’t know we had so much in common. As I continued to listen, I realized that even though He was treated poorly, Jesus was humble and shared God’s Word with everyone. I want to do the same. Thank you for this program that is helping me to know Jesus. Thank you for continuing to tell us how to take care of our souls.”

Today, thank God for people who are willing to reach beyond their comfort zones and share God’s Word with those in desperate need. Ask Him to help us live out God’s will by stepping out in faith, too, just as Jesus did.

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