World Prayer Today

“I’m still a Muslim … but not for long.”

December 06, 2021

“I live in a Muslim village and belong to a Muslim family, but I’ve always been curious about Jesus.”

That’s the good news we hear from Marinela in Albania. Here’s more of her story:

“Information on Christianity is scarce in my area. But over the past three months, I have listened to Thru the Bible. It’s such a motivating and positive program. I’m learning about Jesus and His life. Thanks to all of you for sharing all this truth! During these very hard days of insecurity, I’m finding a ray of hope in the Bible. I’m still a Muslim … but not for long. I am ready to accept Jesus and begin a new life.”

More than 1.8 billion Muslims don’t know Jesus. As we praise God for His work in Marinela’s life, pray more followers of Islam will be curious about Jesus, too.

We’re praising and praying our way through the end of 2021. Join us tomorrow in Ethiopia.

Listen here to TTB-Albanian.