World Prayer Today

“Knowing who Jesus is changes everything”

December 07, 2021

God is at work answering our prayers! That’s the good news we’re celebrating today and all month long. So together let’s rejoice in this remarkable email from a listener in Ethiopia:

“I was never really interested in church or spiritual matters, but difficult things occurred in my life, and I started searching for answers. Somehow, I found your programs and became fascinated especially by the Gospel of John. In that study you clearly stated the identity of Jesus. I learned that He is God and that He shed His blood on the cross for our sins. What a life-changing message. I also knew I had to testify about Jesus. Knowing who He is changed everything for me. I have given Him my life and am ready for a new beginning.”

It’s true: Knowing who Jesus is changes everything. It changes how we see others, how we see ourselves, and how we see our futures. As you praise Him for that today, pray others in Ethiopia and around the world will hear His Word, come to know who He is, and choose to follow Him.

Important: We’re asking God to open doors in 2022. Join us tomorrow for a special journey through Ivory Coast.

Listen here to TTB-Amharic.