World Prayer Today

What steals your faith? What strengthens it?

December 16, 2021

As we travel the world together on our knees, we’ve stopped several times in Serbia, asking God to open hearts and minds to His Word. Today let’s praise Him for answering those prayers as we rejoice in a letter from a listener named Ana.

“Last year was very difficult for me. Some of my friends and family members were seriously ill, several good acquaintances passed away, many lost their jobs or barely survived due to the difficult financial situation. But the good news is that I realized my refuge is in God’s Word. I never really paid much attention to it, but through these challenges I found it is the shelter that is safest.

“Whenever it was hard, when my worries and bad news piled up, I took the Bible and read, prayed, and surrendered all my worries in prayer. Thru the Bible has meant everything to me. The churches were closed, there was always bad news on TV, and that’s why I found my peace in the evening when I sat down to study God’s Word with Dr. McGee. I realized that in this way I was gaining the necessary faith. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about faith. I have noticed that some things steal my faith and some strengthen it. I am more committed than ever to strengthening my faith and know the Lord in deeper ways. I pray others will, too.”

Join Ana in that prayer and thank God for the refuge we too can find in His Word. Spend some time thinking about what steals your faith and what strengthens it. May 2022 be a year of deep spiritual growth for all of us.

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