World Prayer Today

Finding freedom from sin in prison

December 20, 2021

“I have lived half of my life in sin, but in prison I have found freedom from it.”

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As our journey brings us to Serbia today, we rejoice in more of this remarkable story from a listener named Sremska. He says:

“Here in jail, I see how much evil is against God. I encounter condemnation from others here as soon as I take the Bible in my hands or do some good deed. I am mad in their eyes and thoughts. While many see me as a hypocrite for only following God after I’ve hit rock bottom, I see all this as a gift from God. That grace and love from the Lord has taken me away from the terrible sins I had committed while I was in the world, and I consider this prison sentence as the only and last sobering up.

“I have nothing but time and through it met Christ as my Savior through your programs. I study the Bible with you every night. I know God has a plan for me. I am 35 years old, and it is time for a different and new life. This looks more like a confession but is actually a thank you. Your teaching means a lot to me, especially since I’m here in these difficult circumstances. You give me comfort and strength. It is my light in the dark and the water that falls on dry land. All praise and glory to the King of Kings. It’s only in His name I pray and breathe and live my new life.”

It’s true! God’s Word is all those things and so much more. A light in the darkness, water on dry land, a shield, a sword, a help, our refuge and our hope … take time to add to this list as you thank Him today.

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We’ll meet you tomorrow in Maharashtra.

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