World Prayer Today

New adventures in God’s Word ahead

December 29, 2021

“Each week on the Bible Bus is a new adventure.”

That’s what we hear from Karen in New Jersey. Here’s the rest of her story:

“I’m grateful for all the roads we are traveling together through God’s Word. Each book speaks to me differently, and it’s as if God knows exactly what I need when I need it. Recently I caught the Sunday Sermon called ‘Walking in the Spirit.’ The title seemed too lofty and not practical to me. I almost turned it off before it began. But like our daily studies, God used His Word to speak to me about how I’ve been trying to live life on my own and fight my own battles. It gave me pause to really think about how much I have been trusting Him. Thank you for how He uses you to speak truth to me.”

Praise God for new adventures ahead on the Bible Bus in 2022. Ask Him to help us set aside our own strength and rely on His Spirit to direct our paths throughout the year.

A listener in Assam, India, stops animal sacrifice when he learns Jesus’ sacrifice is enough. More of this story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.