World Prayer Today

God only wants good for us

January 11, 2022

“We need hope that tomorrow will be brighter. We need hope that at the end of this journey there is satisfaction and fullness of life. We get it right here, friend, in God’s Word. Have confidence in the Bible and you will find in it all you need to face the hardships of life.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee. 

Living in Middle Africa can be difficult. Today as we pray for God’s people in this region, let’s ask for one thing: Hope. As God’s Word goes out today, pray more hear it and are transformed like this listener in Angola: 

“I have AIDS and am sick often. I struggle with suicidal thoughts. Many days I do not want to live. But when I hear your words, I see a light of hope. I find strength I did not know I had. Please continue to teach the Bible in Portuguese. It is desperately needed in my life.” 

Together let’s pray Jeremiah 29:11 for all those who hear THRU the BIBLE in Angola, Africa, and around the world.  

Father, thank you for the plans You have for each of us. Help us to trust Your Word of truth in every circumstance of our lives, knowing Your thoughts toward us are only good. As we come to know You better, help us to face our problems knowing that through a relationship with Jesus, You have promised us fullness of life and a brighter future than we can imagine. Today we pray many would come to believe in Him as their Messiah and King. We ask in Jesus’ name, amen. 

Want to know more about trusting God when life is downright difficult? Download Dr. McGee’s free digital booklet, “What to Do When Life is Hard,” today.  

Grab some walking shoes and sunscreen. Tomorrow our travels take us to the gorgeous region of Oceania. 

Listen here to TTB-African Portuguese.