World Prayer Today

Reaching Muslims in Oceania for Jesus

January 12, 2022

As we pray for God’s Word to reach the big cities and small islands of Oceania today, we begin in Sydney, Australia, and meet with a fellow passenger on the Bible Bus named Parween. She tells us: 

“I was Muslim but began to follow your teaching and chose to believe in Jesus Christ. My husband has left me because of this, and I am not sure what to do. Should I seek divorce? Please pray for me that I will remain strong in my faith and not succumb to the pressures of my family and his.” 

That’s a great request. As we travel the world together, we often come alongside those who face difficulties because they leave Islam and choose to follow Jesus.  

Today pray for their hearts to be strengthened and minds to be firmly set on the truth found in God’s Word. As they study with us and their love for Him grows, may they become God’s ambassadors taking the good news of Jesus Christ  to their family, friends, and neighbors who make up the more than 500,000 Muslims living in Oceania. 

So much good is coming from God’s Word in Eastern Asia. Praise God with us tomorrow on World Prayer Today. 

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