World Prayer Today

Believers in the Middle East are risking everything for their faith

January 19, 2022

While Christians in the Middle East often keep their faith a secret from family and friends, God’s Word is spreading and the body of Christ is growing. 

Welcome, prayer travelers. Today we thank God for His Word heard in Arabic and pray for the Christians like Mona in Iraq who join us on the Bible Bus each day. Here’s her story: 

“I am a new Christian and need your help and prayers. I have so many questions. I really want to know if God hears believers who are weak in their faith. I am very much alone and have no one to talk about Jesus with. Your programs are my only link to God. I feel as though I have so many questions, and I hope God will hear me and accept me anyway. I am learning as I go and trying to be patient. Please answer if you can.” 

In a region where more than 93% of people are Muslim, praise God His Word is changing lives like Mona’s. Today pray more people in the Middle East hear God’s Word with open hearts and open minds. Pray also for in-country teams who answer letters and encourage listeners to follow Jesus despite the risk to their personal safety. Together let’s trust God to protect His people and grow their faith as they place their lives in His hands. 

What’s the essence of the Christian life? Find out tomorrow as we travel through Eastern Europe. 

Listen here to TTB-Arabic.