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Discovering the essence of the Christian life

January 20, 2022

“The essence of the Christian life is to live in the presence of Jesus Christ.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee 

What’s our purpose in life? That’s what Catalin in Romania is learning as he and his wife lean into God’s Word. Here’s their story. 

We are two old people and are not able to go to church because it is so far from where we live. There is only one other Christian in our village. We listen to your programs every night and are so grateful that your program is on the radio. As we age, we realize our only reason for living is to worship the Lord. To spend time in His presence and to learn to love Him more is our daily desire. May God bless you with strength and wisdom as you continue to help us do that.”

Isn’t that great? Today pray more people in Eastern Europe and across the globe realize our true purpose. As God’s Word goes out, may we grow closer to Him and desire to live in His presence each day. 

Does God speak to us today? That’s what one listener in Western Africa considers tomorrow on World Prayer Today. 

Listen here to TTB-Romanian.