World Prayer Today

A “glimpse” of Jesus can change your whole life

January 25, 2022

Get a glimpse of Jesus, and He’ll change your whole life. That’s what we heard Dr. McGee talk about as we studied the story of the story of Zacchaeus on the Bible Bus yesterday. It’s also what we hear from two listeners (in very different stages of life) as we pray our way through the United States and Canada. Here are their stories: 

From Kennedy (age 12): “I got into some trouble and because I am not allowed to go out much, I started listening to your app. Your explanations about Jesus and God have changed my thinking. I now try to be respectful of my parents and to avoid fights with my sisters. It is hard to do, so please pray that the Holy Spirit helps me.” 

From Pauline (age 92): “I started listening to you 20 years ago and two days later I was saved. Your programs about Jesus were what I was looking for and there was no time to waste. I still learn something every day on the Bible Bus and read the Bible as I listen.” 

As you thank God today for these two ladies, pray more people get a “glimpse” of Jesus when they climb aboard the Bible Bus in 2022. May they experience the joy, hope, and freedom found when choosing to follow Him. 

How has Jesus changed your life? We’d love to know what you’re learning as we walk through the pages of God’s Word together. Email your story to [email protected]

A teenager and His grandmother study the Bible together in Germany. Hear their great story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.