World Prayer Today

Praying for persecuted believers in Sudan

January 31, 2022

On the Bible Bus today, we learned (in Luke chapters 22 and 23) that Jesus’ trial was one of the most unfair in history. Yet He willingly gave Himself for our sin so we can find freedom at the foot of the cross.

Today as we begin our prayer journey through eastern Africa, let’s pray more people like Juma in Sudan hear about this freedom and accept Jesus’ offer:

“I listen to you daily. Through these messages I have found my salvation in Jesus Christ. It’s not advisable to talk about my faith here. It can be dangerous. Therefore, you are the only thing keeping me close to God. May you find favor with Him as you continue to teach His Word.”

It’s true, conversion to Christianity in Sudan is legally punishable by death. While our brothers and sisters in South Sudan live in relative freedom, believers in Sudan face intense persecution.

So, as we pray ask God to use His Word heard on THRU the BIBLE to increase their numbers. In 2022, may God’s people grow from a small minority to a united and large body of believers who will bring light and life to a dark region.

Good things are happening through God’s Word in Zambia. Hear more tomorrow.