World Prayer Today

Putting God first

February 09, 2022

Do you find your joy in Jesus? Are you willing to put Him first, above everything else? These are the important questions Dr. McGee’s ask today on THRU the BIBLE as our study in Numbers continues. They are also the questions a listener named Hector in Costa Rica answers with a wholehearted, “Yes!” Here’s his story: 

“I have only been listening to you for 15 days, but my heart is exploding with delight. Hearing the Word of God explained for the first time is life altering. I have decided to make several big changes and devote everything I am and have to God. I want to thank you for expanding my thinking and the Lord for opening my heart to all that He wants for me.”

Today pray for more people in Costa Rica to hear God’s Word and find life, peace with God, and joy only found in a relationship with Jesus. And, like Hector, pray that each of us desires to put God first in all we do. The Holy Spirit will help us (Galatians 5:16). 

Honduras is our prayer destination tomorrow. Meet us there on your knees.