World Prayer Today

Praying for the next generation in Cuba

February 11, 2022

“As a young man, I had so many questions, I didn’t know what to believe.”

That’s what we hear from a listener named Vincent as the World Prayer Team prays our way through Cuba today. He continues: 

“In my confusion, at 17 years old, I decided to read the Bible. A while later I began listening to your programs. Somewhere along the line, God grabbed my heart, and I have never looked back. All these years later (I’m 50 now), I still am listening. I now pastor a church and hope to reach all those who don’t know what to believe, either. Answers are out there, and I hope to share them, but I also tell people to listen to A Traves De La Biblia (Thru the Bible in Spanish). There are very few places to hear God’s Word explained so easily and thoroughly. I pray your ministry endures until the Lord returns.”

Isn’t that great? Today thank God for the work He is doing in the hearts of young people in Cuba and all over the world. Ask Him to draw them close and, like Vincent, lead them into a life that pleases Him. 

Pack your bags, we’re praying for the small, but growing minority of Christians in Kazakhstan next time.

Listen here to TTB-Spanish.