World Prayer Today

Asking God to do big things in Spain

February 21, 2022

Big things. That’s what we’re asking God to do this week as our prayer trek through southern Europe begins in Spain.  

The challenges are plenty. Many things keep people away from God. Local Christian workers tell us foreign cults, the occult, gambling, self-indulgent lifestyles, increased drug use, and apathy are just a few. So, as we prepare to pray, let’s thank God for listeners like these who join us on the Bible Bus each day.  

Hugo texted: “I follow your biblical studies online. It‘s been a year since I became a Christian by listening, and now I study with you daily. Understanding God’s Word is a big blessing in my life.”

Martin says: “Thank God I have been on the path of truth for eight months, and I am doing very well. I educate myself through your studies and am growing closer to God.”And from Sofia we hear: “I thank you very much for your work. I found your radio programs some months ago, and I decided to start studying the Bible with a friend. We started in Luke, and with the help of the Lord we will continue all the way through.” 

Let’s pray together now for God’s work in Spain. 

Father, many people in Spain (and around the world) are so distracted by other things, they don’t even know You are present with them, calling them to the greatest adventure ever: Eternal life with You. Today we ask You to do big things in their lives. Please get their attention and wow them with Your Word. Turn them forever to You. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.

Be encouraged by a listener in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Catch her story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

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