World Prayer Today

God’s Word calms the storms of the heart

February 22, 2022

“Life is very interesting, strange, and unpredictable. 

That’s the beginning of a very encouraging email from Silvija from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here’s more:

“As a Hungarian, I never thought I would live in Bosnia and get so used to this culture and customs here. That’s why I love listening to your teaching, because Scripture is full of different events where God has led people in interesting ways. He is a God who is creative, interesting, and powerful. He wants to show that our will is not His, that our thoughts are not His, and that His power is infinitely more powerful than ours.

“Here it is often very difficult to be a Christian among the majority Muslim population. That is why I need to be constantly in prayer and close to God—to receive encouragement and strength from Him. Thru the Bible is my spiritual food. It is the voice of God to me. He announces that He is as powerful today as He always has been. Studying the Scriptures with Dr. McGee, I realize that God’s hand is on me and on my family. God’s Word really is a refuge that restores my peace and strengthens my faith in Him. It is wonderful how His Word in these programs can touch my heart deeply. It calms every storm of sorrow in my heart. It heals wounds and gives me the strength to forgive. That word is the love people need, today more than ever before. I recently studied Daniel with you and am convinced that people need to turn to the Lord now before it’s too late. I am praying for the effectiveness of your programs and asking the Lord to draw more people to Himself.” 

Yes! Thank God He is all of these things and more. Tell Him that when you talk with Him today, and then join Silvija in praying more people in Bosnia and Herzegovina hear God’s Word and realize how much they need Him.  

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