World Prayer Today

“May all those who share His Word be rewarded…”

March 03, 2022

In North America God’s Word is heard on THRU the BIBLE in a number of languages on the radio, with many more available online and by our app. Ariana in Mexico says she’s praying for all those who work to get THRU the BIBLE out in these languages.

“Although I have read the Bible for years, from Genesis to Revelation, I wanted to understand it more widely. Thanks to your program, today I can do so by receiving an explanation of the verses in each book. This is such a blessing. As I listen, I pray God prospers His Word on the lips of your servants and prospers their lives and their families with great blessings. May all those who share His Word be rewarded for their faithful service and may all who listen join us in this prayer.”

What great encouragement. From Creole to Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, English, Spanish and so many more, let’s join her in praying for the gospel workers who get out God’s Word in all the languages of the world. And while we’re at it, ask Him to prosper His Word on our lips too as we reach out in His name today.

God’s Word is a perfect remedy during difficult times. Hear Laura’s story tomorrow as we travel to Arizona.

Listen here to TTB-Spanish.