World Prayer Today

Great things are happening through God’s Word in Vietnam

March 09, 2022

If you hopped aboard the Bible Bus today, you already heard Gregg and Steve talk about the great things happening through God’s Word in Vietnam. So, let’s continue that conversation and rejoice in another life that has been changed:

“I am a sinner before God. I worshiped idols and did not recognize God. When I was young, I was very rich and well-known in my local area. However, my wealthy and satisfied lifestyle led me to become a profligate, polygamous gambler. I kept indulging in that lifestyle until all of my possessions were gone. I had to sell everything: my house, my car, my land, and farm. I ended up in poverty. My wife and children have abandoned me, my relatives have stayed away from me, and my friends scorn me. I was depressed and had a stroke. My legs were paralyzed. I could not walk or do anything except wait for death.

“Then I heard about Jesus, and He became my Savior. I was taken to church on Sunday for worship and there I was given a radio as a gift from the pastor so I could to listen to your program. I was interested in listening to the programs every night and never missed a session. Through God’s Word, I am alive again. It has touched my heart and I sincerely repented of my sins. Now I want to serve Him wholeheartedly. May God take care of my life in my old age and my failing health. Please hold me in your prayer so I will keep listening to God’s words faithfully.”

No matter how many stories we hear, the power of God’s Word is always amazing. Today thank God for what He is doing in the life of this listener and so many others in Vietnam. Pray they continue to hop aboard the Bible Bus and take joy in close and meaningful relationship with our Lord.

We’ll see you next time in Thailand as we meet and get encouragement from a listener named Mrs. P.

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