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“I threw away my religious rituals,” writes a friend in Cambodia

March 11, 2022

“You don’t have to do anything. Friend, Jesus Christ has done everything for our salvation. When you trust Him, He will save you.”  –Dr. J. Vernon McGee

“I went to church for a very long time, but when I actually became a Christian, I threw away my religious rituals and focused on my belief and love for God.”

That’s the great news we hear from a listener in Cambodia today. He continues:

Thank you for your programs that gave God the chance to speak to my spirit. God has changed my old mindset and soon my entire life changed, too. I now serve Him only because I love Him, there is no other reason. I’m not worried about anything but loving and following Him.”

Pray more listeners in Cambodia and throughout the world throw away their rites, their rituals, their checklists, their memberships … anything that keeps them from recognizing their salvation is only possible through believing in Jesus Christ.

Belief in Jesus is what the Gospel of John talks about—as we said last week, it’s mentioned more than 100 times. Want to learn more? Download our free Bible Companion for John.

Then come back next week as we pray for the whole Word to reach the whole world—by satellite TV.

Listen here to TTB-Khmer.