World Prayer Today

A special message from Gregg Harris

March 18, 2022

Because we followed God’s ways, He did something more wonderful than we ever envisioned. His ways are perfect, His timing is perfect.”

That’s what president Gregg Harris says about THRU the BIBLE’s program on Persian satellite television. Here’s more:

“For years, we kept a close eye on our radio broadcasts to Iran. Seeing the success of other THRU the BIBLE satellite television programs, we reluctantly decided to discontinue the radio broadcasts in Iran and instead invest in another version of the television program—this time in Persian (also called Farsi). Once we made the switch and the program, Tamame Ketab (“The Whole Book”), began airing on a variety of satellite television channels covering the globe, we saw an immediate surge in response. 

“As you pray today for God to continue to use Tamame Ketab in the lives of people all over the world, join us in following God’s lead. In your personal and ministry plans, make it the pattern of your life to surrender your own ideas for God’s plans. Ask Him to show you how—it’s a prayer He loves to answer.”

Want more evidence of God’s perfect timing? Join us on Monday in Cameroon.

Listen here to TTB-Persian.