World Prayer Today

A shield, a hedge, an encouragement

March 28, 2022

As we travel through God’s Word together, what benefits are you experiencing? Is your faith deepening? Do you feel it’s easier to withstand daily temptations? Are you more courageous? Or feel more prepared to stand against spiritual warfare? There are so many great reasons to regularly study the Bible.

Today as we travel on our knees through Micronesia, Loice, who listens in her language of Hindi, tells us how she’s benefitting.

“I regularly study with you, and I am very blessed by the messages. This teaching is like a hedge of protection, a shield for our lives, and it gives me encouragement every day. Through your program my family is growing spiritually. When our neighbors talk about dead ancestors and other old practices, we can now answer them thoughtfully, kindly, and with knowledge. May God bless all your efforts and use you immensely to train up other believers as you have been used in our lives.”

A shield, a hedge, an encouragement. Thank God His Word is all these things and more. As we pray today for more people in Micronesia to join us on the Bible Bus, add to this list and tell Him what His Word means to you.

We’re praying for Muslims in Australia tomorrow. We’ll meet you in Sydney.

Listen here to TTB-Hindi.