World Prayer Today

Hope is in the air in Quebec

June 15, 2022

For more than 15 years, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir (“Today’s Hope,” a French radio and television station) has reached out to the people of Quebec with a message of hope in Jesus Christ. While many people in this region may never walk through the doors of a church, they will listen to a program on the radio or internet in the privacy of their own home. In fact, the number of program downloads increases each year. As THRU the BIBLE goes out in Canadian French, please join us in praying for:

  • The people of Quebec, to hear and accept the truth of God.
  • Continued ease of FM transmitter licensing approval.
  • Pastors and church workers across Quebec who are connecting with and visiting listeners in their homes.
  • For the Holy Spirit as He moves in the lives of French Canadians. May they recognize their spiritual hunger and ultimately come by faith to believe in Jesus Christ.

There’s good news about God’s Word in Arkansas. We’ll meet you there tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Canadian French.