World Prayer Today

When all seems lost, God can make a way

July 04, 2022

When all seems lost, God can make a way. That’s the lesson we learn today on the Bible Bus traveling through Ruth, chapter 3; and it’s also the lesson a listener in Kenya is learning as he studies God’s Word. He shares:

“I give God all the glory for how far I have come. It is one year since I gave my life to Christ, and I can only sing of the goodness of God. Even though I have been going through a difficult season in my life, your teaching of His Word is helping me trust in the Lord. Previously I would have been angry and blamed everyone else. Now I remind myself He is at work for my good and I see the small ways He is bringing me through. This shift in my outlook changes everything. When things seem impossible, I have hope and peace … and that’s enough for today.”

What a great perspective. Pray all of us who hop aboard the Bible Bus sing God’s praises, even in the messy middle. And, as God’s Word goes out in the language of Gikuyu, may more people in Kenya receive the life and peace found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A listener in Rwanda shares what he’s learning on the Bible Bus. Don’t miss his story tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Gikuyu.