World Prayer Today

Great lessons from God’s Word

July 05, 2022

“I never knew the Old Testament was so important to my life.”

That’s what we hear from a THRU the BIBLE listener as the World Prayer Team travels through Rwanda today. Here’s the rest of his story:

“I now praise the Lord for lessons found in all of His Word. Not long ago I thought it was impossible to understand the Bible. Now I listen and learn with you. Recently you shared that God showed the Israelites four things they must remember:

  • His faithfulness
  • His holiness
  • His blessings
  • His warnings

“These things help me understand all the confusing customs and see the heart of God.”

How encouraging! Today as we pray for more people to hear God’s Word in the language of Kinyarwanda, pray we too may see His heart as we study His Word. Together may we be changed as we seek Him and obey His Word.

What are you learning as we travel through God’s Word? We’d love to hear about it. Share your story at [email protected].

Life in Tanzania is difficult. Tomorrow pray with us and find out how God’s Word is making a difference.

Listen here to TTB-Kinyarwanda.