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Who in your life can you tell about the Bible Bus?

July 18, 2022

This week our World Prayer Team travels to southern Europe, stopping today to meet with a fellow listener named Marija in Croatia. She shares:

“The programs are very valuable, both for those who may not own a Bible at home, as well as for us who, thankfully, do. In this way, we can read along with you every evening and listen to your explanations of individual verses as well as your emphases and pointing out certain messages, commandments, and prayers, so that we can practice them and live them in our everyday lives.

“I have shared your programs with two friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At first, they were resistant to ‘religious radio,’ but now they enjoy it and we talk after the message. Thank you for making it easy to share my love for our magnificent and holy Creator God, who is the only one worthy of our praise. May God bless you for this work.”

Praise God for Marija and all those who share their love of Jesus with family and friends. Ask God to bless their bold witness and open the hearts of those who are hearing about eternal life, perhaps for the first time. Ask Him to embolden our hearts as well. As you do, pick someone who comes to mind and invite them to join us on the Bible Bus. Together may we continue to reach out with His love and grace to those around us.

Join us tomorrow as we boldly pray for big things in Montenegro.

Listen here to TTB-Croatian.