World Prayer Today

The upside to traffic

July 28, 2022

“Most people swear at traffic and congested freeways and stalemates. They see it as an interruption to their day. I was reminded this week of how God uses traffic, especially in my life.”

That’s what Stuart in Glendale, California, shares. He continues:

“God uses it to slow me down, to make me stop and listen for His voice, and to pray. I’ve been feeling the weight of the sin of this world—for the tragedies that our Christian family in the Ukraine and Afghanistan are facing. Now the horrible, heartbreaking news of 21 young souls in Texas whose lives have been cut short.

“It made me think, what do people do without Jesus? I was sitting on the 5 freeway, heading into Los Angeles thinking this when I turned on KKLA, my go-to Christian radio station, and heard the host encourage us all to trust Jesus. It was the encouragement I needed.

“Not to discount the heartbreak I felt, but it turned my attention to Jesus in my sorrow over this world’s events. And that’s what THRU the BIBLE does every day, too. No matter what book we’re studying, it turns my attention to Jesus. I’m writing to ask you to keep it up. Please keep telling the world about Jesus. He’s our only hope. Who knows who could be sitting next to me on the freeway, listening to the radio and hearing about Jesus for the first time? Right?

“I’ve included some gas money for the Bible Bus; with the price of gas these days, you’re bound to need it. Thanks for saving me a seat.”

Stuart is right, Jesus is our only hope. He’s ready for us to trust Him—in our heartaches, in our joys—every day, all day. From the highways of California to the busy streets of Calcutta (and every paved or dirt road in between), as God’s Word goes out pray more people turn their attention to Him and choose to trust Him.

We’re headed north to Canada tomorrow. Hop aboard and pray with us.