World Prayer Today

Facing financial ruin, finding faith

August 18, 2022

“God’s Word was there for us when nothing else was. We realized that it is only because of our difficulties, that we found faith.”

That’s the story we hear from a listener named Ritu as we pray our way through southern Asia today. She continues:

“Ten years ago, my father started listening to your Bible study on the radio. At that time, we were going through great financial loss, and the Word of God comforted us and gave us peace. Witnessing how it changed us, I began to have faith. It has been four years that I have listened and now watched your program on TV. There is no church nearby for fellowship. It is only through this program that we are growing in faith.”

Thank God He uses every circumstance to draw us to Himself. Pray for those you know who need His life, through the forgiveness of our sins. As you do, pray also for all those in southern Asia who don’t know Him, but are facing difficulties. Ask Him to be guide their hearts toward Himself through whatever means is necessary.

Tomorrow, we pray alongside a widower in Tamil Nadu. Meet us there.

Listen here to TTB-Hindi.