World Prayer Today

Pray for the struggling island of Grenada

October 05, 2022

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today our journey through Central America and the Caribbean continues as we stop and pray for God’s Word to give hope to those on the struggling island of Grenada.

To give you a bit of background, hurricanes Ivan (2004) and Emily (2005) damaged more than 90% of Grenada’s buildings. The heavily relied upon tourism and agriculture industries were essentially annihilated. While the nation did rebuild, the crippling costs of external debt soon became a surmounting challenge. Add to that the shut-down of tourism due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and you’ve got a recipe for severe financial duress.

As we pray for sustainable solutions to Grenada’s financial challenges, also pray for more listeners like this one to hear God’s Word and put their faith in Him above all things.

“The teaching of the Word on Thru the Bible is a great blessing to many nations. May God grant that many more may be added and shower His rich blessings on those who teach us. We will continue every day getting on the Bible Bus, receiving the Word of God, and praying for your protection—that He delivers you from all evil and blesses your lives.”

We’re thanking God for the promise of Romans 8:18 tomorrow in Panama. Travel with us.

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