World Prayer Today

Hope for hurting parents

October 18, 2022

Maintaining hope in the Lord when a child strays from God is one of the hardest things a godly parent can do. That’s the message we hear from a listener in Boulder, Colorado, today. Here’s his story:

“I have a 25-year-old son who no longer speaks to me, except for an occasional text. He’s heard Thru the Bible for most of his life, as well as other grounded teachers and preachers. He gave his life to the Lord as a child, and until Covid still wanted to study His Word. I’m not exactly sure what changed, but it was during this time that so many changes happened in our world in such a short time. He and his girlfriend are looking for a home to purchase together, and while he used to tell me that they weren’t living together, I suspect that has changed. His story isn’t unusual. I’m not sure why those raised in Jesus are wandering so far afield. I pray for all of them daily, and I know there are others in similar situations who I don’t personally know. Please pray for our children that they will hear, see, choose, desire, and love the Lord, and not be influenced by those outside the faith but instead influence those outside of the faith to come also to know, love, and invite Jesus to be their Lord, Savior, Friend, and Master.”

As we intercede for these children (many of them grown men and women) and the prodigals in our own circles of family and friends, let’s also pray for their hurting parents. Pray they continue to place their hope in God, not their children, and trust His ability and desire to turn each of their hearts back toward home. 

“Be bold! Be brave! Keep going!” That’s the encouragement we receive tomorrow from the Pacific Northwest. Meet us there.