World Prayer Today

Celebrate the return of a brother in Mexico

October 21, 2022

God loves us and cares for us in our times of weakness. That’s what we learned on the Bible Bus today as our travels through 1 Kings continue. It’s also what we hear from Daniel in Mexico as the World Prayer Team completes our week-long journey through North America. He says:

I was separated for a long time from the Lord. My life became miserable, and I was alone. One day, I heard your program, and I realized I needed to come back to Jesus. Thanks to your ministry I went back to church and was cared for by the most loving people I’ve ever met. God has been good, so very good, even though I don’t deserve it. I hope you receive crowns in heaven for what you are doing; it is a beautiful ministry.”

Because of Jesus, our sins are forgiven and we can return to Him. Pray for all those who have separated from God. Like Daniel, may they hear their Father’s voice and recognize their need and return to Him today.

Don’t miss what God is doing in Western Europe. Meet us on Monday in Belgium.

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