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Praying for team members in Western Europe

October 24, 2022

“I listen to your programs on my iPad and really want to know the Word of Jesus Christ. I want to come to God and repent of my sin. I want to ask Him for forgiveness for all my sins and have faith and believe in Him. Can you tell me how?”

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we land in Belgium, as we thank God for His Word and His people who lovingly answer the emails, phone calls, texts, and letters (like this one) THRU the BIBLE receives each day. Ask God to strengthen each team member and to give him or her His discernment and encouragement as they reach out in His name each day.

God is answering our prayers. Isn’t it exciting? Join us tomorrow in the privilege of coming before Him again … this time in Ireland.

Listen here to TTB-Vlaams Dutch.