World Prayer Today

Even in paradise (on earth), people need God’s Word

February 27, 2023

“Through God’s Word I have come to know the goodness and love of God.”

That’s what we hear from Edgar, a listener of THRU THE BIBLE in Cancun, Mexico. He continues:

“Each day you open my spiritual eyes and take me deeper in knowledge. Thanks to you and Dr. McGee for having left this legacy. I love your program because you have shown me the way to God. We live in paradise on earth, but it won’t last, people still need to know God. Please pray for more in Cancun to hear it.”

How is God using these studies in your life? We’d love to hear. Write to us at [email protected]. And pray today God opens all our eyes, ears, and hearts to hear the message He has for us. As we travel through 1 Corinthians 3 today on the Bible Bus, may more people discover the joy and blessing of belonging to God.

We travel north tomorrow to pray with a listener in Quebec. Make the journey with us, won’t you?

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