World Prayer Today

Verses to pray for those who have walked away from God

March 03, 2023

“If you accept Christ and come to Him, God becomes your Father and He will never shut the door on you. If you leave Him and one day return, He will be waiting to wrap His arms around you. That’s how wonderful He is!” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee from the Luke Bible Companion

What can we do to make God stop loving us? Nothing. Nothing we have done and nothing that has been done to us can make Him give up on us. Even when we walk away from Him, He remains faithful. He is there waiting for us to come back. That’s the story we hear throughout God’s Word, and that’s the story we hear today from John in Michigan:

“I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for your program. I recently got on the Bible Bus.

“I lost my dad to Covid last January, and he was a very faithful man to God and retired from the ministry but never gave up serving God or doing all he could to share the gospel with others. I remember him mentioning Dr. McGee but didn’t really think anything of it until one day I found a set of his books in dad’s library and began reading those and my Bible again. I had no idea what kind of a world would open up to me by doing that, but I just can’t get enough. If I’m not reading my Bible or listening to one of your programs, I am reading one of Dr. McGee’s booklets. I can’t express what a blessing this has been to me.

“I had strayed from God for quite some time in spite of having God-fearing parents. I was miserable, but since starting to listen to THRU the BIBLE, I realize that if you are saved you can’t be happy not serving God. I have rededicated my life to doing what God wants of me, and I thank Him every day that He is merciful and doesn’t give up on us even when we are lost in our minds and hearts.”

Do you know someone who has walked away from the Lord? Today as we thank God for John and all those who have returned to Him and hopped aboard the Bible Bus, here are some verses to help you pray for those you are still waiting on:

  • Romans 8:38-39: Thank you, Lord, that nothing can separate __________ from Your love.
  • Deuteronomy 6:5: Lord, I pray that You will draw __________ back to Yourself, and help him/her to love You with all of his/her heart, soul, and strength.
  • God, thank You that __________ can never escape from the Holy Spirit or get away from Your presence. Thank you that You are always with him/her.

Above all else, keep praying. And when you feel as though you’re weary and can’t continue, keep groaning. The Holy Spirit is ready to take your requests to God. (See Romans 8:26-27.)

Pack a bag and get ready, we’ve got an exciting journey to southeastern Asia ahead of us next week. We’ll meet you there.