World Prayer Today

Praying for unity in Cameroon

March 20, 2023

Our week-long prayer journey through Middle Africa begins in Cameroon as we sit and meet with Alice who is relatively new on the Bible Bus. She writes:

“As a child, my mother and I secretly went to church because my Muslim father didn’t want us to go. It was a struggle to keep it from him, but I loved that time with my mother and know she did the best to raise me according to God’s principles. These days I work in a hospital, am married, and have four children. My greatest desire is that my children will grow up to follow the Lord. I have recently found your teachings, and they are very precious to me. It seems all I need to teach my children is found in God’s Word. Thank you for helping me open the pages and understand what He is saying to me.”

Like many nations in Africa, Cameroon is divided between Islam in the North and Christianity in the South. Although it’s a secular state and guarantees religious freedom, tension still exists in villages and sometimes homes like Alice’s. Today as God’s Word goes out, pray more hearts turn towards Him and this nation that is split in two slowly becomes a nation with a united desire to seek and serve Him.

We’re praying for hope in the DR Congo next time. Come along and join us.

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