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The privilege and power of sharing your story

May 05, 2023

Telling the story of Jesus’ love in our lives never gets old. That’s what we’ve been talking about this week on World Prayer Today and what we hear today from Gustavo in Mexico. He shares:

“I have been a Christian almost all my life, but in 2001 I went through some hard times and strayed away from God. Then in 2007 when I was sitting in my truck, I heard you on the radio and it was like something opened up within me.

“I truly feel that the Holy Spirit is moving through this teaching. I have changed as a result and now feel as though I am closer to God than ever before. I will never tire of sharing the story of Jesus’ sacrifice for me, and the curiosity of my radical change of heart has brought two more passengers aboard the Bible Bus. Of course, only the Holy Spirit can change their hearts, but I’m grateful God is using me to help. I pray each day God brings me in connection with someone who needs to hear of His love. There is no greater privilege than sharing His love and His Word with others.”

It’s true, there is no greater privilege. Today pray God gives us all the opportunity to share His great love with others. Need some help getting started? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Pray about it.
  2. Invite someone to church and coffee afterwards.
  3. Offer to pray for someone who is hurting or going through a difficult time.
  4. Share these free resources
  5. Care for others through service. Share a meal, give a ride, mow a lawn.

Are you sharing God’s Word and love with others? We’d love to hear your story. Email us at [email protected] and join us on Monday as we pray our way through Uttar Pradesh, India.

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