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Pray the beauty of God is seen in Botswana

June 27, 2023

There are many great metaphors in the Bible about God’s Word (a light, a sword, a mirror … can you name more?). There are also many great metaphors used by our fellow listeners to describe our studies THRU the BIBLE (a deep dive, a slow drip, a marathon … to name a few). A listener in Botswana likened his time in God’s Word with artistry. He writes:

“I know God is a creator. As an artist myself, I like this image. So much so that each day I study with you I imagine brushstrokes on a canvas. As we learn, we see small parts of the painting emerge, and when we reach the end of the five years, the portrait will come into full view. I value this wonderful time, as it continuously brings me closer to my God. Through listening to your teachings, l have seen myself growing spiritually so that l can now share the Word with friends, my artist community, and relatives. May the Lord continue to use us to bring His beauty to this world that is so desperately in need.”

What great inspiration. Today as we study God’s Word, pray more people in southern Africa see the beauty of God through His Word. As they do, ask Him to give each of them the boldness they need to share it with all those they encounter. Ask Him to do the same in our lives, too. Through a smile, a kind gesture, the sharing of His Word—however He calls us, may we respond with obedience and a grateful heart.

How would you describe our journey through God’s Word? Are you learning something new? Is God challenging you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined? We’d love to hear your story. Email us at [email protected].

We’re celebrating God’s Word in Eswatini tomorrow. Join us for the party of praise.

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