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How old are you in the Lord?

July 19, 2023

How old are you in the Lord? No matter if you are a new Christian or a seasoned one, the Spirit of God is able to teach you. No longer servants, we learned on the Bible Bus today in Galatians 4 that each of us is a child of God—sons and daughters and “heirs of God, through Christ,” bonded to Him in love. That’s also what Elisabetta in Italy is learning. Here’s her story.

“I am a child of God. It feels good to say that. When I first began studying with you, I was skeptical about His existence, because I could not feel or see Him in my life. However, the longer I listened, the more I began to identify as a daughter of the Lord. The shift was subtle, and I almost missed seeing the small ways His Spirit began to direct my life, especially the ways I began to understand the Bible better. I am now able to trust Him with everything and am grateful I have a Father to call upon. Thank you for this teaching which has changed my life.”

As a son or daughter, God’s Spirit will lead and guide you into all truth … if you let Him. Praise Him for that today and pray more people in Italy choose to believe in Him and call Him their “Father.”

What are you learning as we travel through God’s Word? Share your story at [email protected]. And join us tomorrow as we pray our way through Portugal.

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