World Prayer Today

He’s waiting to be found

July 21, 2023

I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently will find me. -Proverbs 8:17

Our prayer journey through southern Europe comes to a close today as we hear good news from a listener in Serbia. He writes:

“God has answered my prayer! I have long been interested in things about faith, religion, and Bible study, but I really didn't know how to study the Bible properly. I read it regularly, but I didn’t understand some parts at all. I started praying and asking God to answer me and guide me. I found information about your programs on the internet. I started listening right away. I was very excited when I heard so many beautiful sermons, interpretations of parts of Scripture by Dr. McGee. I see this as an answer to my prayer to better understand what is written in the Bible. I have already learned some new things, and historical facts of that time are clearer to me as well. God has opened my eyes to many spiritual things and deeper meanings to what I had read before. I also see more clearly the great connection between the various parts of Scripture, and in that the divine hand that led to all this being written. Praise God for everything! God bless you!”

Praise God that when we look for Him, He’s willing and ready to be found. Thank Him for that truth in your life and in the life of this listener, and pray in faith that as His Word goes out in Serbian today more will begin to seek Him.

Prepare to marvel at God’s creation in Colorado. We’ll meet you there on Monday as we visit with a fellow World Prayer Team member.

Listen here to TTB-Serbian.