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It’s always a good time to praise the Lord

November 13, 2023

My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lordand all flesh shall bless His holy name forever and ever. -Psalm 145:21

It’s always a good time to praise the Lord. That’s the lesson we learned earlier this year in Psalms, and that’s the plan of our World Prayer Team each day from now until the end of the year. Together we’ll travel the globe and share stories of the lives changed through His Word in 2023.

Today we begin our journey as we stop and hear the incredible story of a man in Africa who listens to THRU the BIBLE in Lingala. He shares:

“I once was a Muslim, strong in faith and practice. After listening to God’s Word on your program, I confessed, repented, and received the One who is the way, the truth, and the life—Jesus! My life has been transformed. My entire family is no longer Muslims. We are Christians, sons of God. My wife and I have created an intercession group. Your teaching helps all of us read the Bible, pray, fast, and listen to God’s voice. May God bless you abundantly.”

Isn’t that good news? Speak, sing, and shout God’s praises today as you thank Him for His everlasting Word and the power it has to save us all.

How is God using His Word and the World Prayer Team in your life? Let us celebrate with you. Email [email protected]

We’ve got more to celebrate tomorrow as we head to the USA.

Listen here to TTB-Lingala.