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Specific ways to pray for God’s people in Eritrea

February 02, 2024

Welcome, prayer travelers, today we stop in Eritrea. Located in a region many call “burdened with conflict and crisis,” life for Eritreans—especially Christians—can best be described as difficult. That’s what we hear from one listener who hops aboard the Bible Bus in his language of Tigrinya. He shares:

“I am a regular listener since you started. I am very happy to have such Bible education in my own language. I hope this radio program brings many souls to the kingdom of God, and many Eritreans are comforted from listening. We are not allowed to worship as we wish, and having this teaching fills a great need. I always remember you in my prayers, asking God to give you strength and to expand this ministry.”

That’s a great request. As we pray, join him and ask God to reach more people in eastern Africa with His Word. Here are a few more things to add for our brothers and sisters in Eritrea.

  • Pray for the release of thousands of Christians who are imprisoned and tortured for the sake of the gospel.
  • Pray for protection and expansion of the growing underground house church movement.
  • Pray for those who live in extreme poverty and lack basic necessities.
  • Pray for the safety of pastors and believers who openly share God’s Word.

Tomorrow meet a fellow prayer warrior as we ask God to expand His church in Nicaragua. See you there.

Listen here to TTB-Tigrinya.