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Cubans need our prayers

February 09, 2024

In previous prayer journeys, we’ve learned that worshiping God in Cuba isn’t easy. In fact, many Christians risk loss of work or the inability to apply for top jobs and are denied access to universities. Some even face imprisonment.

Welcome, team. As we pray for those who hop aboard the Bible Bus with us, let’s praise God for Gina who writes:

Thanks be to God who is faithful. Finding good Bible teaching is difficult, and sometimes the government interferes. I am grateful we can hear the truth from you. I ask God to supply whatever is necessary for you to keep teaching here and for your programs to be heard by many. Please pray for us.”

As we pray, we know God listens and answers. Here are a few things you might include in your time with Him today.

  1. Pray for churches and believers. The government seeks to control and limit church influence. So, many churches operate underground. Pray for their safety and their growth.
  2. Pray for provision. Medicine, food, and toiletries are often in short supply. Pray people are able to find what they need at reasonable prices.
  3. Pray for economic and social reform. Ask God to bring change to the hearts of government officials (see Psalm 21:1). May their decisions best serve the people.

We’ve got more to pray about next week. Meet us on Monday in Spain.

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