World Prayer Today

Praying for the largest unreached people group in the Americas

February 20, 2024

Welcome to Montreal. Today as we travel on our knees we stop and meet with Johanna, a fellow World Prayer Team member. She shares:

“I started listening many years ago in my car. Now I listen on my mobile phone. At first I listened while walking my dog. After he passed, I now study at home. Although I miss him greatly, I’ve found it is so much more effective to sit down, listen, and read. All praise be to the Lord. Thank you for the good work.”

Praise God for Johanna and all those in Quebec who follow Jesus. Many consider this area home to the largest unreached people group in all of the Americas. Today as THRU the BIBLE goes out in French, pray more people hear it and believe it and turn around to follow Jesus Christ. Wouldn’t it be great to study God’s Word with them in 2024 as they begin this journey of faith we, too, are on?

Our travels take us back to Mexico tomorrow. Pray with us.

Listen here to TTB-Canadian French.