World Prayer Today

Meet Jessie, who rides the Bible Bus in secret

March 08, 2024

You are my hiding place and my shield;I hope in Your Word. -Psalm 119:114

Where do you turn when your expectations of yourself and others leads to disappointment? When you feel like everything is a loss and it seems impossible to go on? Those are a couple of the questions Jessie in Democratic Republic of the Congo is facing. Here’s her story:

“I am a Christian from Mali who now lives in the Congo with my Muslim brother. He is often angry, and I try not to return his nasty comments, but sometimes I am weak. His whole family lives in strife, and now I do too. I do not have enough money to live on my own, so I am stuck here in a job I do not like, in a house where I am unable to express my love for the Lord, with people who are wicked to one another. I have begun to listen to your programs in secret. I find God’s Word calms me and I find the strength to put one foot in front of the other each day. I always find hope in God’s Word. Thank you for this gift.”

As we pray for Jessie, use Psalm 119:14 to praise God today. Thank Him that He is a hiding place for us in times of trouble and His Word is the ultimate source of hope for our discouraged souls. In it may we find all that is needed to thrive as His beloved children, regardless of our circumstances.

A listener in Saudi Arabic hears the truth. What happens next? Join us on Monday for his story.

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